Bringing Together the Fintech Ecosystem in Germany in an Independent Network & Marketplace

We embrace the future of digitisation and financial innovation

GERMANY FINTECH is an initiative of FINTECH ÆRA, an independent foundation to foster Ecosystems for Financial Innovation to increase the access to financial solutions in the digital age. GERMANY FINTECH creates an open independent ecosystem, complementary to all existing Fintech initiatives.

We Offer a Variety of Fintech Services

Empowering you to boost Fintech in Germany with an independent network & marketplace. We believe in binding all financial and technology stakeholders to create business opportunities.

Find Solutions

Explore who might be your best customers or partners. Meet them at events or get introduced directly

Match Making

Get direct introductions to key decision makers and thought leaders through our networking service. The right fintech marketplace for your business.

Be in the Spotlight

Brand your company in the world of fintech and let our network know about your services and expertise

Connect Internationally

Develop your business by using our global network. We can support you to make your business run anytime and anywhere

Find Investors or invests

Meet fellow investors, raise funds, discuss deals and discover trends in fintech solutions

Engage with Fintech Network

Talk about the latest developments in fintech. Meet fintech experts and enthusiasts and expand your network

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